GMV and Peoplematters join forces to transform HR management with a groundbreaking pay equity solution

GMV and Peoplematters have announced a strategic partnership to launch a cutting-edge solution that seeks to help organizations increase people management efficiency and equity. The solution is incorporated into the client’s comprehensive human resources management platform, addressing the changing needs of HR departments through state-of-the-art technology that facilitates the organization's regulatory compliance.

The solution, called PAIT (Pay Analytics Intelligence Tool), incorporates advanced analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms in salary management to mitigate a potential pay gap. It also helps address strategic workforce planning more effectively, ensuring the security of employee data.

One of the key features of PAIT is its ability to forecast a future pay gap, giving companies a competitive advantage similar solutions don’t offer. The tool also offers an intuitive and visual customized dynamic analysis, making it possible to analyze the pay gap by several different variables and see improvement trends, significantly setting it apart from other solutions available on the market.

“This symbiotic partnership between GMV and Peoplematters brings together our expertise in applying digital technologies in different sectors and the HR know-how of a human capital consultancy firm,” says Eva Martínez, head of Services at GMV’s Secure e-Solutions. “Through PAIT, we’re redefining how companies address the pay gap and HR management in general, setting a new standard for fairness and efficiency in the workplace.”

“In recent years, there has been extensive regulation on equality and transparency that companies are still processing,” says Beatriz Ardid, head of the DEI unit at Peoplematters. “At Peoplematters, we’ve been concerned about how legislation is being implemented faster than management can keep up. We feel it’s essential that we apply all our knowledge and efforts to turning things around so we can stay ahead of the curve. That’s why we’ve turned to GMV as a strategic partner that can complement our work through their technological expertise and insight. And so PAIT was born. This tool enables companies to look ahead in compliance decision-making and achieve controlled management of the pay gap.”

The partnership between GMV and Peoplematters marks the beginning of a new era in people management, where advanced technology and strategic vision come together to create more equitable, efficient, and future-oriented organizations.


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