GMV showcases its robotic inspection capabilities at the meeting of the AEQT’s Innovation and Technology Committee

GMV, a leading Spanish multinational company for innovative technological solutions, showcased its experience and capabilities in the field of robotic inspection during a demonstration carried out at Messer Ibérica’s facilities. In this demonstration, held during the meeting of the Chemical Business Association of Tarragona (AEQT)’s Innovation and Technology Committee GMV presented uPathWay, a grounbreaking solution designed for industrial inspection tasks.

GMV presented uPathWay as a comprehensive solution that allows vehicles to operate autonomously, offering an effective response to inspection needs in specialized environments such as the chemical sector. This innovative platform controls and coordinates robots to carry out repetitive and even dangerous tasks that operators previously had to perform.

During the demonstration, GMV representatives showcased uPathWay's capabilities, highlighting its capacity to optimize inspection processes in critical environments. The solution presented offers a combination of advanced technology and precision, making it an invaluable tool for the chemical industry in terms of efficiency and safety.

“We’re proud to present uPathWay as a groundbreaking solution that addresses the specific needs of the chemical sector,” said Ángel C. Lázaro, head of robotics and automation for GMV’s Secure e-Solutions Industry Sector. “This demonstration at Messer Ibérica's facilities was a great opportunity to show how our technology can transform inspection processes in the chemical sector”.

The demonstration at Messer Ibérica was well-received by the members of the AEQT committee, who recognize uPathWay’s potential for improving operations in the chemical sector. GMV remains committed to providing cutting-edge technological solutions that drive innovation and excellence in various industrial sectors.

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