GMV signs a collaboration agreement with Innova-IRV at Transfiere

Multinational technology company GMV and the Ricardo Valle Innovation Institute (Innova-IRV) signed a collaboration agreement today, 21 March, during Transfiere, the European Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation, taking place in Málaga. GMV is also participating in the event’s work program. The agreement, signed by Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón, general manager of GMV’s Secure e-Solutions, and José Manuel Leceta, the general manager of Innova IRV, reflects both organizations’ commitment to strengthening and promoting mutual cooperation in innovation and technological development, pooling their knowledge and experience. The goal is to achieve common goals and contribute to the development of communities and areas of mutual interest. 

GMV and the Institute will work together to identify challenges and promote innovation and technology transfer projects that address current and future challenges, creating innovative solutions to improve the competitiveness of our economy, make it more digital, and ultimately benefit society as a whole. 

“This agreement enables us to access a network of first-rate business innovation hubs, with a national focus and international dimension,” says Álvarez-Gascón. “The Innova IRV model is being developed with the aim of gaining competitiveness, attracting investment, and promoting the creation of new technology-based companies, all of which are goals we share. GMV is aligned with all Innova IRV’s technological lines of action and will initially focus on initiatives related to smart agro, digital health, and cybersecurity.”

Meanwhile, Leceta says that the agreement will mean “strengthening the synergies between the two organizations by developing collaborative projects with industry and generating new innovation investment opportunities.”

Participation in Transfiere’s work program

Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón moderated the INNOVA IRV Panel on exploring leadership opportunities in European data-driven innovation spaces, while Patricia Tejado, director of digital public services for GMV’s Secure e-Solutions, participated in the round-table discussion on the innovation ecosystem in the Spanish region of Castilla y León, speaking in particular about the role of large companies in these ecosystems and how this role can be maximized in the case of the flagship cybersecurity initiative in Castilla y León.

Álvarez-Gascón highlighted the role of date spaces as “opportunities for innovation and value creation, a genuinely European commitment to finding a place in the sun in the data economy and deploying our vision of what the digital society should be.” In this process, “it will be essential to invigorate the ecosystem and all its stakeholders through public-private partnerships,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Patricia Tejado explained that GMV “is a driving force capable of leading large consortiums with a wide range of partners, SMEs, startups, research centers, end users... and this driving role can be boosted by the opportunities the European Union recovery funds offer us (the INCIBE cybersecurity institute’s innovative public procurement program, the RETECH initiative for local specialization...).” She believes that government “has a crucial role to play in setting up these tools, but time is of the essence, and we must act swiftly in developing and launching these initiatives and programs, without complicating the processes or paperwork involved in carrying out these projects.” 

Both innovation and startups are at the heart of GMV’s identity, as the multinational technology company was founded as a spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Madrid’s School of Aeronautical Engineering. 

In our current global context, innovation knows no borders. Groundbreaking ideas can emerge anywhere and turn into a project that may end up growing as much as GMV, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.


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