Flight Dynamics as a Service

What is FDaaS?

Flight Dynamics as a Service offers alternative cloud solutions for the Flight Dynamics system to control your satellites.

Based on GMV’s COTS for Flight Dynamics System, FocusSuite®, this solution is provided “as a service”, directly deployed and maintained in any public or private cloud, ready to be used. Upon request, FDaaS can be fully configured and even directly operated by GMV’s Flight Dynamics engineers.


How FDaaS can support your mission

Generic and flexible Flight Dynamics System that easily automates your operations and lets you focus on the final mission data.

Easily adapted to your needs, handling one satellite, a constellation or even different missions.

High performance, availability, and scalability to cope with the growth and real needs of your mission.

Gathers all outputs for a single view report of the operational status.

Standard CCSDS interfaces, but easily configurable for each mission.

Relying on Autofocus and a service-based architecture, the system permits the easy customization of the operational procedures. A dedicated API permits triggering the different sequences, although they can be also automatically executed upon certain events. For instance, receiving new tracking observations directly launches the orbit determination procedure, while getting a new CDM tiggers its analysis and, depending on configurable parameters, a CAM preparation.

Different deployment possibilities to be adapted to your needs: GMV can provide the software as a service available in public or private clouds, so the final user performs its operations. But, given the experience in other services, like Focusoc, Copernicus POD, routine backup OD, station calibration campaigns and many support to critical mission phases, the system operations can be directly performed by us so you only need to receive the flight dynamics products.

Small satellite operators with no flight dynamics experts in the team.

Backup solution or additional source of data for big satellite operators.

Constellations that want to externalise the flight dynamics operations or reduce its operational team.

Flight Dynamics System deployed in the cloud, easily customized, maintained and updated.

Dedicated campaigns: mission analysis, special operations support, station calibration, collision avoidance analysis…

Source URL: https://www.gmv.com/products/space/fdaas