GMV to develop the PMMCare+ platform to facilitate comprehensive, holistic care for patients with multimorbidity

Multinational technology company GMV will develop the PMMCare+ e-health online platform for the European H2020 Carematrix project. The goal is to provide innovative comprehensive care solutions for people with multimorbidity (PMM). The World Health Organization defines multimorbidity as “the coexistence of two or more chronic conditions in the same individual.” In Europe, with an increasingly elderly population, over 50 million people suffer from multimorbidity (Albreht et al., 2016), which affects over 60% of those over the age of 65 (Palmer et al., 2018). 

People with multimorbidity require an intensive use of health and social resources. The approach to treating these patients must be multidisciplinary and must be based on a holistic vision that involves them in their healthcare, including in the design of individualized therapy plans. But the reality is that they are treated by each of the medical specialties independently, not comprehensively, which has a negative impact on health outcomes. 

With digital technology tools such as the PMMCare+ e-health online platform proposed by GMV, the Carematrix project consortium(1) hopes to change this. With innovative integrated care solutions, it seeks to improve assistance, treatment, and care for these patients, as well as to offer them the support they need. In the long term, it is expected to reduce time spent on visits to healthcare facilities by 20%, improve care-related aspects by 75%, reduce incidents related to patient data management between different specialties by 50%, and reduce clinical errors by 30%.

The PMMCare+ e-health online platform

The development of the PMMCare+ e-health online platform proposed by GMV is based on Antari Professional, a product the company has been evolving for over ten years. This tool offers features for the individualized planning of care, monitoring, and empowerment of these patients, backed by intelligent decision support systems. PMMCare+ makes it possible to define the variables, clinical or otherwise, that are relevant to collect, even from medical software or devices, thanks to its high interoperability capabilities and use of standards. It also improves communication, coordination, and collaboration, facilitating the interoperability and advanced management of the different roles involved in healthcare for these patients. Involving multimorbidity patients in their own healthcare and empowering them has a positive impact on the health outcomes of these complex patients. 

GMV’s development will provide the diverse group of professionals involved in caring for these individuals (primary care physicians, specialists, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, occupational therapists, etc.) with an innovative platform that will facilitate coordination among all of them and provide individualized therapy plans tailored to each patient's clinical profile. 

It will also make it possible to involve the patient and their caregivers in self-care, with a shared plan they can access on an easy-to-use, multi-device interface (website or app) with educational content and access to different services (such as recommendations for mental health, nutrition, or physical activity) and appropriate tracking of their learning and progress. 

The needs and key challenges identified in this stage of the project that GMV's PMMCare+ e-health online platform will take into account from design to development fall into the following five main categories:

  1. Early and comprehensive assessment of people at risk and/or with multimorbidity based on a holistic assessment with a preventive approach.
  2. Interdisciplinary collaboration between teams: tools that support the development and monitoring of an individual care plan based on shared assessment and communication within the interdisciplinary health team, including the patient and/or caregivers.
  3. Individualized and patient-centered care: decision-making support tools for improved, proactive care for people living with multimorbidity.
  4. Continuity of care: communication, coordination, and proactive follow-ups. Tools that facilitate smooth transitions and continuity of care from a person-focused perspective.
  5. Participation and empowerment of patients and caregivers: support the self-management of people who live with multimorbidity and their caregivers, including early detection of complications and signs of decline.

The PMMCare+ e-health online platform was designed by GMV in accordance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and is aligned with the three countries making up the project: Sweden, Norway, and Spain. Tests are expected to be carried out in Basque Country, Oslo-Viken (Norway), and Skåne (Sweden).


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