The complete software solution for space situational awareness and traffic management

What is Ecosstm?

Space situational awareness and traffic management

Ecosstm is the GMV software solution for Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), Space Domain Awareness (SDA) and Space Traffic Management (STM) control centers.

It covers the complete operational chain, from sensor planning and tasking, until the provision of functionalities to end-users, including the build-up and maintenance of a space objects catalogue.


Over 100 engineers work at GMV in space situational awareness and traffic management activities.


The GMV space situational awareness and traffic management team is present in seven countries in Europe (Spain, France, Germany, UK, Romania, Poland and Portugal) and in the US.


The complete suite for SST, SDA & STM

Ecosstm has a microservice oriented architecture, flexibleadaptable, and easy to maintain and extend.

It is composed of a suite of autonomous modules but working in an integrated manner. They can be deployed independently, according to the user needs.

Ecosstm provides a fully automated concept of operations including reactions to events.

Ecosstm features a modern web-based user interface including a powerful 2D/3D visualization engine. 

Thanks to its REST API, it is straightforward to integrate Ecosstm with other tools.

Ecosstm correlates and processes measurements from all types of SST sensors so as to build-up and maintain a catalogue of objects and their orbital information.

It processes survey and tracking data from radars, telescopes, lasers, passive RF stations and space-based sensors.

The catalogue build-up and maintenance processing chain covers:

  • Track association and correlation.
  • Maneuver detection and estimation.
  • Orbit determination.
  • Orbit correlation.
  • Orbit comparison.

Ecosstm automatically performs the following tasks:

  • Tasking optimization of tracking sensors (telescopes, radars, laser ranging stations...), including calibration tasks.

  • Survey strategy optimization of survey telescopes.

  • Object visibility windows computation of survey and tracking sensors.

Ecosstm develops an optimal plan (including object ephemeris), presents it in a Gantt chart, and then submits it to the SST sensors.

Ecosstm provides conjunction detection, collision risk assessment (CA) and collision avoidance (COLA) maneuvers computation.

It ingests as input data:

  • Satellite operational information (ephemerides and maneuver plans).
  • Orbital catalogues.
  • Conjunction data messages (CDMs).

And generates easy to understand reports about the potential collision events and how to avoid them:

  • Interactive plots.
  • Summary tables.
  • Reports.
  • CDM comparisons.

Ecosstm predicts and analyses the re-entry of objects orbiting the Earth, including:

  • Orbital lifetime estimation.
  • Orbital re-entry propagation.
  • Atmospheric re-entry computation.
  • On-ground risk evaluation.

Ecosstm also detects and analyses in-orbit fragmentation of space objects and categorizes them into two different types:

  • Fragmentation due to a collision between two objects.
  • The explosion of an object due to internal causes.

Ecosstm calculates two types of overflight events for a set of satellites over a set of points/zones at Earth’s surface:

  • Over regions of interest: time intervals when a point or polygonal zone over the Earth’s surface is visible by the objects defined in a catalogue of interest.
  • Defined stations: time when the satellites of interest could send acquired information to available downlink stations.

Ecosstm can simulate a complete space objects population and their measurements from a customizable network of SST sensors of any kind

The tool provides astrometric and photometric reduction of images taken by optical telescopes of objects orbiting the Earth.

Ecosstm can optimize the maneuver sequence of a satellite or a constellation of satellites for any operational phase of the mission, from launch to decommissioning and disposal (orbit acquisition, station keeping, slot relocation and disposal/deorbiting maneuvres). 

Ecosstm functions

Complete set of SST/SDA/STM solutions and services

Space objects catalogue software

Catalogue build-up and maintenance software

Orbit determination and sensor calibration software

SST sensor planning and tasking software

Collision prediction and avoidance software

Fragmentation detection and analysis software

Reentry prediction and analysis software

Overflight prediction and analysis software

Telescopes image processing software

SST sensor data simulation

Generic maneuver optimization software

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