#FPCUP_AGRO Conference

The Centre for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI) of Spain is organizing a conference in which GMV will participate. It will be focused on Copernicus and will be called the #FPCUP_AGRO Conference "Copernicus Applications for the Agri-Food Sector".

Copernicus, the Earth Observation Program of the European Union, offers information services based on satellite data and in situ (non-spatial) data, with free and open access, benefiting a wide variety of agents: citizens, legislators, researchers, commercial users, public users, and the scientific community, students, 'non-OT' companies, NGOs…

The objective of this Conference is to reveal the potential of the use of data and products derived from these data, for the Agri-food sector. The adoption of digital solutions in this sector is marked by environmental sustainability and economic viability, according to the latest market report (2022) from the European Space Program Agency (EUSPA). Modern agriculture relies on Earth observation (OT) data and information for sustainable nutrient management, restoration of soil health, and preservation of biodiversity. A big trend in the sector is the increase in the use of OT as input for the intelligent analysis of optimized agri-tech solutions.

Through direct contact with experts, and the sample of use cases, it is intended to open the way to new users for the exploitation of Copernicus data and applications, and the development of new products and services based on Copernicus for the Agri-food sector.

Antonio Tabasco, head of GMV's Remote Sensing & Geospatial Analytics Division, will give a talk entitled “GMV's experience using Copernicus to support agricultural practices”.



Source URL: http://www.gmv.com/communication/events/fpcupagro-conference