User Control Access System

Control centers are a very sensitive element. They are the eyes, the ears and the brain. Everything that happens is detected in the control center. It is therefore paramount that the control center behaves reliably and is well protected against any threat that can compromise the confidentiality, integrity and/or availability of the infrastructure. Such threat scenarios can be motivated by intentional attacks –external or internal- or by accidents caused by well-intended actions from users (e.g. employees, contractors,…).

Biolock software main goal is to reinforce access control and user traceability at the workstations.

When Biolock is active and the computer is locked, the application still allows continuous visualization of the screen.

Biolock offers quick access. The operator only needs to put his card into the reader or finger on the fingerprint reader to access the workstation.

  • Register, edit or remove users
  • Configuration of blocking timeouts when no activity detected
  • Configuration of lock position on the screen
  • Send Emergency locks and unlocks Register, edit or remove workstations
  • Creation, edition and removal of user and workstation groups
  • Retrieval of lock audit and pending actions from workstations
  • Biolock software provides a centralized administration tool used to register workstations and enroll users.
  • User and workstation groups can be created to simplify access granting to groups of users.
  • High availability: Inter & Intra site.
  • Workstations are autonomous: they can be locked & unlocked without connection to the CA.
  • Biometric data stored in a separate database server (legal and security)

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