SBAS Service Performance Analysis Tool

General Information

eclayr® is an engineering tool specialized in evaluating the performance of satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS), such as EGNOS, and in verifying compliance with the established requirements (for example, ICAO/OACI, GNSS-SARPs).

The tool automatically collects and processes SBAS messages and reference data to generate reports with the evaluation of system performance.

It is also equipped with a powerful user interface that shows a variety of results graphically and interactively.

Licensing and Price

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Product description

Key Advantages

The key features of eclayr® are:

  • Full compliance with RTCA / DO229 (SBAS-MOPS) version A, C and D/E (user selectable).

  • Support for multiple constellations (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo).

  • Single and dual frequency SBAS support (L1/L5 DFMC SBAS ED-259).

  • RAIM and ARAIM performance analysis.

  • Automatic retrieval of the reference data necessary to evaluate performance, including the EGNOS EDAS service.

  • Powerful user interface to displace statistical results and performance maps in color.

  • Automatic generation of complete performance evaluation reports in html and pdf formats.

  • Runs on any standard PC with Windows Vista / 7 / 10 or Linux OS.

The performance analyses in the pseudorange domain provided by eclayr® include:

  • Analysis of the Satellite Residual Error at Worst User location (SREW).
  • Analysis of the User Differential Range Error (UDRE).
  • Analysis of the Grid Ionospheric Vertical Delay (GIVD).
  • Analysis of the Grid Ionospheric Vertical Error (GIVE).
  • Analysis of the time frame offset for each constellation accepted (for example, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) with respect to the SBAS reference time.

The user domain analyses provided by eclayr® include:

  • Protection level analysis (xPL).
  • Position error analysis (xPE).
  • Availability analysis (xPL vs. xAL).
  • Safety index analysis (xPE / xPL).
  • Continuity risk analysis.
  • Coverage and service availability analysis.

With eclayr® it is possible to create reports in both HTML and PDF formats.

The PDF reports enable a certain degree of customization, with company logos, disclaimer texts, etc


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