Over 35 years as a trusted technology partner of the world’s leading banking institutions


We are your trusted partner for digitizing your business

More than 35 years collaborating with major banking institutions to digitize their business, gearing it toward online consumers who demand mobility, flexibility, transparency, and digital security.

  • Protecting them from banking fraud through AI
  • Applying threat intelligence techniques to prevent incidents
  • Designing, developing, and implementing the best cybersecurity measures in ATMs
  • Creating a global application to manage all activities in the corporate security area
  • Supporting risk management and compliance with the regulatory framework, guaranteeing security and transparency

Solutions for the Financial Sector

We obtain the knowledge and organizational capabilities needed to manage cybersecurity in your organization.

  • Regulatory development, Master Plan, and ISMS
  • Definition of controls, indicators, and control panels
  • Compliance audits (GDPR, ENS, PIC, etc.)
  • Risk analysis and management

We implement protection measures that secure your corporate services. We provide your organization with the capability to limit or contain the impact of a cybersecurity event.

  • Consultancy in the incorporation of new technologies
  • Implementation of cybersecurity technology solutions
  • Manufacture of proprietary solutions and services


We identify cybersecurity events at your business in a timely fashion.

  • Specialized diagnostics (hacking, source code, etc.)
  • Vulnerability management
  • Team network
  • Continuous monitoring infrastructures
  • GMV SOCs

We offer action measures in the event of a cybersecurity event to attempt to contain the impact as much as possible.


    • Assessments
    • Configuration management
    • Intelligence
    • Incident management
    • Forensic analysis

We have recovery and resilience capabilities, minimizing the time factor.
Definition and execution of:

  • BIA
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Testing

We are specialists in the analysis of extremely large volumes of information. Our solutions not only monitor suspected fraudulent activity both in and outside the organization, but they also contribute the intelligence necessary to identify real fraud. Intelligence and data analysis tools and services represent a turning point in the fight against fraud because they provide the immediacy needed to make the right decisions.

We leverage the benefits of both big data and artificial intelligence, creating a fraud information repository and leveraging it to strengthen the solution, expanding and complementing traditional SIEM (security information and event management).

Checker ATM Security® is a world-class cybersecurity product specifically designed for ATMs and kiosks. Checker® will help you protect your ATMs from logical fraud while meeting applicable PCI-DSS requirements quickly and effectively, even for unsupported versions of the ATM operating system.


We offer the financial sector benefits through Cloud technology: cost savings, efficiency, and flexibility, all guaranteeing a high level of security.

  • Cloud infrastructure consultancy
  • Cloud services integration
  • CASB solutions
  • Cloud-based application security auditing
  • DRM services
  • Authentication services

We provide expertise to financial institutions to help them comply with the strict regulatory framework specific to their industry, guaranteeing the security and transparency of their services through the identification, prevention, tracking, detection, and mitigation of risks.

  • Risk analysis
  • Cybersecurity consultancy
  • Gap analysis
  • Control and evidence management
  • Management system consultancy
  • Digital surveillance
  • PCI-DSS auditing

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