GMV-CERT recognized as a member of FIRST

GMV structures its managed security services range around its Computer Emergency Response Team GMV-CERT, the remit of which is to provide a 24x7, 360º managed information security service to take on today’s huge cybersecurity challenges. GMV-CERT, boasting the most demanding certifications, stands out for the personalization of its services to suit each particular client, as well as the measurability and traceability of all its activities.

It has recently added a new badge of distinction as a member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST), an international community set up in 1990 as an umbrella organization for worldwide Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) or Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTS), enabling them to share information and good response practices, guaranteeing a secure internet for one and all.

GMV-CERT is made up by a group of experts responsible for carrying out preventive and reactive responses to any information-system security incidents, offering a series of worldwide services.

Standard Services

The standard set of services comprises the following basic CSIRT activities: the operation of security infrastructure like firewalls, WAF, IDS/IPS, UEBA, EDR, etc., support and maintenance of security infrastructure and third-party relations, monitoring of service and security-infrastructure availability, monitoring of security to pinpoint any malicious activity and security incident response. GMV CERT also develops its own inhouse detection technology while working too as a top-level information-protecting technological partner. One of GMV-CERT’s essential remits is the development/integration of security technology to meet one of the main problems currently faced by CERTs, the lack of visibility and context in the analysis of any anomalies detected within any organization.

Advanced Services

GMV-CERT’s range of advanced services includes vulnerability management, where GMV has developed its own inhouse technology, Gestvul, capable of managing the complete vulnerability lifecycle, from detection right through to remediation. Specific security auditing services, pentesting, red teaming, etc, also come into the picture, to carry out exercises of varying scope and starting points in order to identify the security weaknesses of any organization’s digital assets.

It also provides threat-identifying and -anticipating services as a model of preventive defense, doing so through the Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) group, with the aim of finding out which information to publish through the various outlets (social media, deep web, blogs, search engines, etc) or identify any malicious activities that might pose a threat to infrastructure or harm the corporate image. This service helps to head off fraud, information leaks, hacking and demonstrations or attacks against the organization or its key personnel.

Yet another important feature is its digital forensic services, which aim to identify the causes and impact of any cyber-incidents and put forward preventive measures to ward them off in the future. Services of this type may well call for forensic investigation expertise, compiling evidence for a possible court case, keeping up the custody chain as required by law.

Specialized Services

GMV-CERT also offers the most highly specialized services such as forensic readiness, advanced counterintelligence based on deception technology, Threat Hunting missions, and Purple Team coordination measures.

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