Navigation system and synchronization server for Spanish F-110 frigates

General Information

Navigation system and synchronization server for Spanish F-110 frigates

The SENDA navigation system is GMV’s advanced navigation and time reference solution for naval systems.

SENDA includes a multi-constellation satellite navigation technology compatible with military and civilian signals and differential global positioning system (DGPS) corrections. It also supports external sensors to provide robust navigation in coverage areas or theaters of operations in the event of GNSS signal denial or seizure.

SENDA has a built-in synchronization server that generates high-precision stable time signals.

Key aspects


  • FRPA and CRPA antennas
  • SAASM GPS receiver
  • Galileo PRS receiver
  • Multi-frequency GNSS receiver (GAL-GPS)
  • Reception of RTCM differential corrections
  • High-definition local display
  • Remote display via KVM
  • RF distribution channels via fiber optics
  • High-performance navigation computer.
  • High-stability synchronization server (PtP, NTP, HAVEQUICK, IRIG, 1PPS)
  • Uninterruptible power supply with a battery life of at least 30 min.
  • Interface with the integrated bridge, combat system and other ship systems
  • Recoding of operational and maintenance data
  • Interface setup and operational parameter settings
  • Access and cybersecurity setup
  • Monitoring and control display
  • Alert management
  • Control of active sensors and antennas
  • Manual selection of operational mode
  • Advanced redundancy management
  • Dual civil and military GNSS solution with PVT hybridization.
  • Highly coupled hybridization of inertial and GNSS data (EKF, UKF)
  • Inertial system monitoring and more accurate solution reporting
  • Built-in DGPS corrections
  • Built-in SBAS corrections
  • Detection of GNSS signal encroachment.
  • Beam-forming anti-jamming system control.
  • Back-up heading calculated using GNSS data
  • Algorithms offering a level of protection (protection integrity) (RAIM, IBPL, KIPL)
  • LEO-PNT compatible

High-stability time server, featuring a rubidium oscillator that allows 1x10-12 accuracy after 24 hours of GPS operation, 5x10-11/month stability after 2 weeks of GPS operation, and 1 microsecond accuracy after 24 hours.

  • HAVEQUICK GPS 060 over RS422
  • SATURN ii over RS422
  • IRIG B:
  • 1-PPS: TTL and 10 V
  • NTP v2, v3, v4: Conforms with RFC 1305 and 5905. Supports Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast, MD5 encryption, Peering, Stratum 2
  • PtP v2: Conforms with IEEE 1588:2019. Supports Master, Slave, E2E, IPv4/v6, Multicast, Unicast, Hybrid mod

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