Automatic Ground Calibration System for localizer and glide slope (ILS ) and VOR

General Information

Ground Calibration for ILS and VOR Navigation Aids

Emil provides an efficient solution for ground calibration of VOR radio aids and ILS localizer and glide slope systems up to CAT-III.
The emil was designed to reduce the duration of ground calibration campaigns for these radio aids, subsequently reducing maintenance costs. The automatic ground calibration campaigns are also the perfect complement to traditional in-flight calibration campaigns.

The Emil system takes into account the ICAO recommendations established in Annex 10 and Document 8071.

2 Emil systems

There are currently 2 emil systems operating at the Madrid and Barcelona airports.

Licensing and Prices

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Emil is the inspection flight accessory for calibrating ILS and VOR radio aids, offering the following benefits:

  • Reduction in the number of calibration flight hours.
  • Minimizing time on runway during calibration.
  • Precise positioning (centimeter accuracy) enables flexibility on the calibration routes.
  • Calibration automation and systematic processing.

Emil is a turn-key system with the following elements:

  • Operator console (tabletPC) for installation in the vehicle that includes the processing software and graphical interface.
  • Short telescopic mast for VOR and ILS localizer installed in the vehicle.
  • Long telescopic mast (22m) for ILS glide slope installed on a trailer.
  • Chassis with ILS/VOR analyzer and GNSS receiver.

Emil is designed to be operated by just two people: the driver and the software operator.

  • Automatic execution and results analysis for ILS and VOR calibration campaigns.
  • Measurement processing and results displayed in real time during the campaign.
  • Automatic generation of reports with the calibration results, including summary tables and graphs.
  • Map with route guide to conduct the calibration campaign.
  • Automatic configuration of the ILS/VOR analyzer without the intervention of the system operator.

We are looking for international partners to offer the Emil system to airport operators in different regions.

If you are interested, please contact us at the following email address: [email protected]

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