U-space suite for managing unmanned traffic

General Information

Family of products for U-space designed to support operations related to unmanned aircraft systems

GMV developed Dronelocus®, a family of products for U-space, in response to the problem of the growing number of operations with unmanned civil aircraft expected in the near future.

GMV’s U-space suite includes the following services:

Dronelocus® tracking service

Dronelocus® emergency management service

Navigation and surveillance availability prediction service

These services have been tested in real operational environments integrated in other U-space applications.

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The Dronelocus® tracking service manages data from several tracking sensors installed in drones. This service implements a Track Fusion algorithm to merge the data from different sensors.

Additionally, Dronelocus® can process data associated with ADS-B transmitters installed on unmanned aircraft.

The Dronelocus® service allows tracking information to be logged in a database to generate trajectory reports.

The Dronelocus® emergency service manages a database of alerts recorded during unmanned air system (UAS) operations. This service can also be used to define emergency or security geofences (restricted or forbidden zones).

It is also capable of sending notifications to operators affected by certain emergency alerts, as well as the authorities. The Dronelocus® emergency service can also interact with emergency entities including local authorities through Smart City applications.

The Dronelocus® services are fully integrated into other U-space services in the DOMUS project. DOMUS was one of the European projects selected by the Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) program to demo U-space services in unmanned traffic management (UTM). Both the Dronelocus® tracking service and emergency management service are integrated with the ecosystem management entity—the system core—as UTM-relevant services.

The Dronelocus® tracking service offers the following key functions:

  • Management of data from several tracking sensors
  • Receipt of data associated with manned aircraft (ADS-B)
  • Track fusion algorithm
  • Flight plan data verification
  • Interaction with Smart City applications
  • Generation of follow-up reports (incident/accident investigation)

The Dronelocus® emergency management service offers the following key functions:

  • Management of an alert database to coordinate emergency actions
  • Definition of emergency and security geofences
  • Notification of drone operators affected by emergency alerts, as well as the authorities
  • Interaction with the local authorities (through Smart City) and the fire-fighting services


Source URL: http://www.gmv.com/products/aeronautics/dronelocus