Navigation and Synchronization Server for Vehicles

General Information


The ISNAV vehicle navigation system is GMV’s advanced navigation and time reference solution for military vehicles. ISNAV provides data on position, velocity, attitude, and time in a variety of formats to offer an integrated navigation and synchronization solution. The ISNAV system is designed to include the Galileo receiver from the public regulated service (PRS) PRESENCE 2 and can integrate an inertial navigation system (INS). The ISNAV system time server can be expanded to provide synchronization signals in a variety of formats, such as IRG-B and HQ.

ISNAV System Features

ISNAV, an advanced modular navigation system

The system is designed to include an external INS to provide resilient navigation. The characteristics of this external INS can be adjusted to the final application. Compatibility with different COTS INS is guaranteed and communication is carried out with a customizable harness, which includes the following in its standard configuration:

  • 28 V power source for the INS
  • 1 1PPS output to synchronize the INS
  • 1 CAN (J1939) output for the odometer data
  • 2 high-speed serial ports (RS422)

The system can also be configured to use an internal IMU unit and remove the external INS. The internal IMU data is integrated in a firmly attached navigation filter.

The system provides standard ports for communication with the vehicle network. The standard configuration includes:

  • 2 Ethernet 10/100 I/O cables (redundant)
  • 1 CAN (J1939) input
  • 1 GNSS RF (TNC) input
  • 1 auxiliary GNSS RF (TNC) output
  • 1 1PPS output
  • 5 discrete configurable outputs
  • 2 discrete configurable inputs
  • 1 maintenance port (RS422)

Other port configurations can be added on demand.

The system is completely qualified for the standard military ground vehicle environment, as well as to fulfill the electrical and electromagnetic requirements:

  • 28 V power source: MIL-STD-1275E
  • Temperature: C1 (intermediate cold) and A1 (extreme heat), AECTP-200-4
  • Humidity: MIL-STD-810G (M. 507.5 P. II)
  • Fungus: MIL-STD-810G
  • Corrosion: ISO 9227:2012 (240 h)
  • Vibration: MIL-STD-810G (land vehicle)
  • Shock: MIL-STD-810G (collision danger shock test)
  • Rain: MIL-STD-810G (M. 506 P. III)
  • Connection/Grounding: MIL-STD-464C

Lightning protection: DO-160E, section 22, level 4


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