Intraplan Radiance®


Product for planning the exact dosage of intraoperative radiation therapy

Intraplan Radiance® improves the accuracy of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) application. It allows for simulated viewing of the treatment result. Specialists can adjust parameters to achieve the required result without having to make decisions under pressure during the operation.


Used by the oncology services at 50 hospitals.  


 Some 15 countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia have the planner. 


Sold by leading sector companies

The INTRABEAM® 600* miniature linear accelerator by Carl Zeiss incorporates Intraplan Radiance® , the first 3D treatment planning simulation program for intraoperative radiation therapy. For the pre-, intra-, and post-treatment phases, it offers the possibility of selecting cases and calculating dosages near vital organs with the Monte Carlo algorithm for correcting heterogeneous tissue and facilitating documentation. Intraplan Radiance® is also integrated into the Mobetron® electron linear accelerator for IORT delivery made by the American company IntraOp®.

  • Safety of the treatment by viewing the dosage received in the tumor or tumor bed and in the organs at risk.
  • Personalized treatment.
    Log of the dose in the treatment zone as required by international standards and national law.
  • The simulation makes it possible to tackle different surgical and radio therapies, facilitating the selection of the best option.
  • There is a training component that helps to adopt the technique and evaluate highly complex cases.

For pre-, intra-, and post-treatment operations, Intraplan Radiance® offers the possibility to simulate the treatment using dosage calculation algorithms such as Monte Carlo. Provides high-quality Multiplanar (MPR) images, 3D views, and dosage volume histogram calculation to facilitate treatment optimization and verification prior to administering it. It also offers all necessary data to document the intervention.


Applied in surgeries to treat tumors in the breast, brain, sarcomas, rectum, skin, vertebral metastasis, and more.

  • 90% of the time, IORT parameters can be defined the day before treatment with Intraplan Radiance®, increasing treatment safety and reducing risks and treatment times. It also improves process documentation for subsequent analysis and merges it with externa radiotherapy treatment when it is complementary.




Carl Zeiss Meditec AG


IntraOp Medical Corporation

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