Multi-Application Rail Service Operating Platform


SAE-R CAD/AVL makes it possible to improve operations in any type of rail service.

SAE-R® is a multi-application platform for rail traffic operations, covering the operator’s needs related to service planning, monitoring, and real-time fleet management, passenger information and statistical exploitation of the data recorded. SAE-R® meets the needs of different operating divisions. Our users include national operators such as RENFE and ONCF, as well as urban rail infrastructure operators such as the Zaragoza Tram, Sydney LRT, and the Warsaw Tram.


GMV designs and manufactures all components comprising the SAE-R CAD/AVL system in-house

GMV offers a broad family of innovative onboard units with different capabilities deriving from on board integration needs, communication protocols, and future scalability requirements. All hardware elements supplied by GMV for rail environments are certified according to the EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN61373 standards.

Control Center

The SAE-R® control center application offers different viewing modes to represent rolling stock and stations. Each of the views contains graphic tools and functions used to regulate the operation, communication with drivers, and decision-making in real time to manage unexpected situations during the operation. Additionally, SAE-R® offers a wide range of operational reports based on the speed profiles, arrival times, delays and early arrival elements monitored on board, occupancy data, etc.

Based on the current requirements of the passenger transportation industry, SAE-R® generates precise information in real time combining information such as the real-time position, service information, and the different speed profiles (by vehicle type, by track section). Based on the strategy of each client and the characteristics of their operations, this information is displayed at stations (on panels or over PA systems), on board the trains, and on web platforms or mobile apps.

Both integrated with SAE-R® and installed independently with stand-alone operation, GMV offers the following onboard systems for the railroad industry: Video Surveillance (DV-Rec), ],  PA & Intercom, and Passenger Information Systems (INFO-Pass).


What do our clients say about us?

"GMV is characterized by its professional approach and accurate analysis of our needs."

Michał Aniołek, Project Manager, Warsaw Trams



Alstom (France)


Light Rail (Sydney)


CAF Signalling (Spain)


Renfe (Spain)

Tranvias de Varsovia y GMV

Warsaw trams (Poland)


ONCF (Morocco)


Tranvías de Zaragoza (Spain)


Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca (Spain)

Buses Polonia

Szczecin Public Transport (Poland)


Tram de Barcelona (Spain)


Torun tram (Poland)


Jerusalem light rail (Israel)


National railways (Philippines)


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