Electronic Fare Collection Systems

Flexible solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client


GMV offers a wide range of products for transportation fare collection

GMV offers a wide range of products for transportation fare collection at transportation stops or stations, on board vehicles, and online.

In accordance with market trends, our solutions include new media such as bank cards and mobile apps, as well as account-based fare systems. GMV's solutions meet the needs of our clients in all phases of configuring and running a fare system.

2.7 billion

tickets validated in our ticketing systems every year

10 countries

GMV ticketing systems are implemented in over 10 countries


The GMV electronic fare collection systems enable the use of a wide variety of media to choose the most convenient way of using their transportation tickets. They enable tickets to be printed and validated with QR or bar codes, and validation of different transportation tickets, either with contactless cards, bank cards (EMV) or mobile phones, with mobile payment apps and NFC.

The GMV onboard ticketing equipment is designed to offer a great deal of robustness and reliability that are also very versatile. The comply with both road (E-mark) and rail transportation. We have onboard sale and validation machines (driver’s console), card and QR code validators, inspection terminals and compact automatic ticket vending machines (TVM) for onboard use.

GMV’s station ticketing equipment offers broad versatility for installation at stops and stations both for bus and for train, subway or tram. They enable automatic ticket sales and card validation (transportation and bank cards) at the station, with and without access control. They also offer attended point-of-sale solutions for ticket sale, recharging and personalization.

The GMV ticketing backoffice application suite offers an integrated package of tools for the global management of the ticketing system, which in turn integrate with the CAD/AVL and GMV-Planner backoffice tools. These applications enable intuitive configuration of the fare system, data leveraging, operator compensation in traditional or account-based terminal (ABT) systems and the configuration of all physical elements of the system.

They also offer system end users the option of using web environments and APPs to buy and manage transportation tickets.


What do our clients say about us?

"The amazing team made up by GMV and Unauto to undertake the project is particularly noteworthy."


Ramón Martínez, general manager UNAUTO, Urbanos de Toledo

"Thanks to the GMV system, we have an integrated card and the ability to monitor contracts."


Aristotelis Savva, project manager, Ministry of Transport, Communication, and Works of Cyprus

“Since the system was implemented, we have practically eliminated 95% of the delays and advances.”

Krzysztof Miler, Director of ZDiTM Szczecin

“We had to implement different payment methods, such as EMV (...), and we were looking for a reliable CAD/AVL system with powerful user information.”

Antonio Fernández Tafalla, Technical Director of TCC (Pamplona)

“With the inauguration of the Smart Card System at Ahmedabad BRTS, we are the first in India to introduce a Smart Card System in bus services.”

Shri Harsadrai J. Solanki, General Manager, Ahmedabad Jangmarg Limited



Majorca Transport Consortium


Madrid Regional Transport
Consortium (Spain)


Interurban Transport of
Montevideo (Uruguay)


Metro de Santiago (Chile)


Ministry of Communications and
Public Works (Cyprus)


Szczecin Public Transport

Alsa Marrakech

Alsa Marrakech (Morocco)


Regional Urban Transport of
Pamplona (Spain)


Prasarana Malaysia Berhad


Alsa Rabat (Morocco)


Grupo Ruiz (Spain)

cypus public transport

Public Transport (Cyprus)


Avanza (Spain)


Public Transport (Malta)


The Agency for Technological
Modernization of Galicia (Spain)


Transporte Urbano de Granada

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