Access Control Systems


Integrated Access, Presence, and Security Control System

GMV offers an integrated access, presence, and security control system (SCA) designed to control and oversee all access to different zones of multiple centers, allowing tracking of the employee’s workday and providing comprehensive security management of the facilities.

SCA GMV is a system that adapts to meet the actual management needs at a center, enabling a person to access during certain times on a particular route, keeping a record of all movements.

SCA GMV allows all data generated to be stored for possible queries and used for access and presence control with readers, personnel hires and terminations, profiles, etc.


The system is designed for multipurpose use in access, presence, and security control. 

  • Access control supervises accesses to restricted areas such as conference rooms, small offices, or even large buildings and complexes, adapting to the needs of each company.
  • Presence control; defining working and holiday schedules and calendars to establish a working model for employees that is as flexible as you need it to be.
  • Security system used to protect buildings of all kinds. Intrusions trip an alarm, both on site and at the alarm-receiving center.

The system is modular so capabilities can be activated based on your needs.

Various types of RFID readers

This is a remote data storage and retrieval system that uses identification devices such as cards or other elements in a variety of formats. GMV manufactures RFID readers that can be integrated with readers from other manufacturers using different technologies (MIFARE, biometric systems, etc.).

Controller boards with Ethernet connection using native TCP/IP protocol

Ethernet connectivity with TCP/IP protocol for exchanging information online simplifies installation, leveraging regular IT resources and reducing communication costs.

If the IT network fails, access are still possible and card swipes are still recorded both for access and presence. This is because the boards have a non-volatile memory with capacity for reading about 100,000 cards and apertures for storing configurations and events, which are then downloaded when the system comes back on line.

Software for managing the entire system

All the information is centralized and stored in a database (SQL Server, Oracle) and the management program monitors all activity recorded in the various central or local offices.

The software is multi-station and allows an unlimited number of users to access the application at once. It also allows remote maintenance of the entire system.

SCA can obtain data from different personnel and payroll management systems (Meta4, SP Nominaplus, A3 Nominas, etc.).

Can be unified in a single control center:

  • Intrusion detection
  • Access control
  • Presence control
  • CCTV

Certified under the UNE EN 50131 standard

  • Continuous alarm-center monitoring, instantly detecting any connection failures.
  • Extremely low level of false alarms, avoiding penalties.

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