Landing Craft Control Systems


Comprehensive System

The mission of the Landing Craft Control System  is to monitor and coordinate ship-to-shore movements of landing units deployed in amphibious operations.

The Landing Craft Control System is a comprehensive system responsible for the management and oversight of operations in active time as well as the control flow and data needed by the amphibious units involved in the operation.

The Landing Craft Control System defines any mission and assigns roles to each of the units involved, specifying all the important aspects for the operation: routes, grouping of units, scheduled loads, etc.

In driving, the Landing Craft Control System acts as a means of monitoring the state of the operation and interaction of its movements, helping commanders to come up with an instant response to any incident or unforeseen event.


The Landing Craft Control System offers the following features:

  • GPS-based monitoring control.
  • Time and trajectory calculations.
  • Intelligent guidance system.
  • Active time operations and fleet management.
  • Message/order exchange system.
  • Load control system.
  • Geographic information system GIS (S-57 mapping).
  • Definition of operations.
  • Real-time modification of operations.
  • Compatible with NFFI v1.4.1.
  • Control and monitoring of OTH operations.
  • Definition of operations with different grids and communication media (satellite, radio, LAN, series)
  • Integration with TRITAN and SCOMBA combat systems.

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