Talos GMV

Integrated fire support coordination and execution


Command and control system

Talos GMV is a two-tier command and control system, enabling fire support coordination and execution to be integrated into the ground maneuvers of both tiers (brigade and battalion), for use by the army and the navy. Fire support includes: field artillery, mortars, naval fire support, and air support for ground operations.


The Talos GMV system is organized into two complementary subsystems:

  • Fire support planning subsystem: planning of the fire support involved in the maneuver.
  • Fire support execution subsystem: Fire execution and control. Field artillery fire and mortar fire include technical aspects of range calculation.

These subsystems are made up of an interrelated group of “cells” that exchange the information necessary to perform the defined functions.

Talos GMV capabilities include fire support and maneuver planning with decision support tools for choosing the line of action, conducting the maneuver with integrated fire support, friendly force tracking (FFT) and monitoring maneuver tactics, obtaining targets, fire management, and fire execution and observation, up to arms-system level in the case of mortar and field artillery fire, mapping the situation as the maneuver advances.

The Talos GMV system provides a series of generic functions present in every cell. These functions include:

  • Automatic positioning.
  • Display entities on a military mapping viewer (SIGMIL). Allows for definition of map overlays to represent the positions of the elements taking part in the operation (friendly and enemy units, installations, targets, etc.)
  • Use and conversion of geodesic systems and coordinates.
  • The most common GIS functions: gradients, profiles, distances, surface areas, volumes, coverages, visible/hidden zones, etc.
  • Messaging in chat form, with predefined and free text messages.
  • Generic user management, management of associated roles, and allocation of duties to roles.
  • Simultaneous control of different materials: The system is capable of combining firing actions for different artillery or mortar materials from the same command post, carrying out the calculations for processing calls for fire.

Source URL: https://www.gmv.com/products/defense-and-security/talos-gmv