Suite of tools for border surveillance


Multidomain command and control suite

The Socrates C2 system is a suite of tools that provide border surveillance solutions for:

  • Defence
  • Crisis Management
  • Border Surveillance
  • Maritime Surveillance

Socrates C2 covers all levels of command, from fixed control centres to
mobile command posts and deployed assets.

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Suite Capabilities

Socrates C2 functionalities include:

  • Maritime and Land border surveillance
  • Vessel tracking, filtering and reporting tools

  • Multimedia and video streaming capabilities

  • Behaviour analysis and anomaly detection powered by

  • AI and rule based services

  • Shared Situational Awareness

  • User Management and Access Control

  • Data fusion services

  • Decision support tools services

  • EO Analysis services

  • Density and heat maps and WMS layers

  • Integration and exploitation of UXV data

Socrates C2 provides a web interface enabling intuitive access to the capabilities offered by the system.

The system stands out for its great performance in information management including historical data and
the fluidity of the interface, handling more than 15.000 incoming entities per second.

Socrates C2 follows a modular approach using a set of independent plug and play micro services. It implements a big data infrastructure that communicates all the different services and stores the exchanged information.
It enables multiple clients or operators to connect simultaneously to the system, following role based
security measures.

Socrates C2 is compatible with OGC geospatial servers being tested with most used commercial and open source solutions.

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