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Internship: Flight dynamics internship

Ref.: 674

Experiència: Estudiants
País: França
Ciutat:  Toulouse


In recent years, various state-of-the-art techniques have been under investigation to check their applicability to the space dynamics field, mostly to overcome some of the problems linked to space situational awareness (given the high number of space debris objects to check).
One of the most promising techniques is Taylor’s Differential Algebra (TDA), which basically allows simulation of the solution of an Ordinary Differential Equations system (for instance, the equations of motion of a given object around the Earth) by a Polynomial of a given order N, such as the actual solution of the ODE system and the polynomial and their derivatives up to the Nth order are equivalent. 
The objective of the internship is to develop an application capable of performing the propagation of the orbit and the covariance of a given object. To do so, the different activities that might be included are:

  • Bibliographic Analysis
  • Design trade-off (reuse vs from scratch)
  • Implementation of the application
  • Validation (vs classical numerical propagator, using MC simulations…)


- Academic degree: BSc or MSc in Aerospace Engineering
- Level of English: Advanced
- Technical knowledge: 

  • Applied mathematics and physics
  • Algorithm analysis and development
  • Space Dynamics
  • Java