What is ecodriving and what relationship does it bear to intelligent transportation systems?

Eco driving

Eco-driving is a systematic driving style that cuts fuel consumption and the emission of polluting gases. The knock-on effect is greater economic efficiency too. Several studies have tried to find out exactly how meaningful these savings are.
We are living today in a globalized world in which millions of vehicles are emitting harmful gases day after day. Any responsible company is therefore duty bound to look out for the environment. Moreover, ecofriendly companies have been shown to be more highly regarded by their customers. The abovementioned study gives tips on how to achieve these energy savings, for drivers, journalists and urban developers. It can now be safely claimed that any of us, wherever and whoever we are, can help to reduce the emission of harmful gases.

Some of these eco-driving tips are: smooth acceleration and braking, cruising instead of continually accelerating and passing through neutral as quickly as possible in gear changes. Other useful advice is based on keeping tire pressures at the proper level and winding down the window instead of turning on the air conditioning.

Eco-driving applied to intelligent transportation systems

Intelligent transportation systems, conducive to more efficient driving in themselves, are now being taken up more widely every day. Onboard units now enable a wide array of vehicle data to be recorded, such as fuel consumption, revs per minute, acceleration, braking, maintenance, etc, while also flagging up technical alarms. All this information can then be combined with complementary data from other systems such as the fleet management system. Drivers are given instant feedback with visual and acoustic cues for correcting their driving style and cutting out inefficient behavior such as over-braking and excessive idling. This allows drivers to react immediately to correct this driving style and also enables performance reports to be drawn up afterwards as the basis for continual driver training, better service planning, vehicle maintenance, etc.

Towards better driving quality

Driving quality is crucial in any sort of transport arrangement. Technology now enables us to improve safety and efficiency on a steady and progressive basis. The future in this sector looks very bright as an increasing number of technology firms develop new market-revolutionizing arrangements. GMV is now working busily to combine groundbreaking technology with eco-driving techniques. If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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