The ITS contribution to “Smart Cities”


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are a fundamental part of the technological revolution underpinning the smart city concept. The aim is to achieve a new level of urban development, tapping into digitalization and ensuring the efficient integration of public services.

The most spectacular results in the Internet of Things are part and parcel of these technological breakthroughs, helping to bring transport in from the cold where it was an isolated block working on its own.

Intelligence brought to bear on a city involves a synergistic coordination of all the component elements. It could therefore be seen as a comprehensive ruling principle running through the whole ensemble.

The characteristic traits of smart cities

Ever since the industrial revolution society’s general need to live in a city has picked up speed. You will no doubt have already seen this telling figure: within the next 30 years 70 percent of the world’s population will be living in a city.

This ongoing concentration of the population poses economic, environmental and urban-integration problems. Solutions need to abide by an overarching principle of sustainable development to meet the population’s welfare demands. Challenges and the solutions for overcoming them will together spawn new ideas for making these smart cities possible.

These are the basic traits of smart cities that intelligent transportation systems need to address:

  1. Cities have to gear their infrastructure towards maximizing the number of citizen services.
  2. Implementation of the aims of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. Proper concern shown for sectors of the population with special needs (childhood, third age, etc) or suffering from some form of vulnerability.
  4. Advanced use of artificial intelligence technology; in transport systems this technology translates into flexible, autonomous and safe means of transport adapted to suit local urban development.
  5. Drive an ordered, proportionate and cohesive growth of all social sectors.
  6. Facilitate communications with other nearby built-up areas and the main metropoles at world level.

The agents of change towards sustainable development

There are numerous private initiatives keen to take part in this ongoing revolution for our cities. The mean size of most European cities is conducive to experimentation with groundbreaking technology. Ideas in the form of all-in solutions, services or products are currently going through a boom with all sorts of new and creative ideas. GMV’s own ITS ideas fit into these general goals, with such systems as demand-response transport, carsharing, eco-driving and the connected vehicle, among others.

To wind up, ITS are destined to fulfil a basic mission in cities of the future. Comfortable, affordable and sustainable mobility is now a sine qua non of city life. We’d be fascinated to hear your opinions in the comments.

Las opiniones vertidas por el autor son enteramente suyas y no siempre representan la opinión de GMV
The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of GMV

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