The Internet of Things and transport efficiency

IoT technology and public transport bear a very close relationship to each other. Indeed, the Internet of Things is unleashing a veritable revolution in cities. The daily gleaning of data on movements of people is boosting the efficiency of public transport. Find out how in this blog post.


Intelligent Transportation Systems

The Internet of things is enabling more and more networks and intelligent transportation systems to be set up on a daily basis. Thanks to the connection of various city components it is now possible to manage traffic more efficiently, pinpoint overloaded transport nodes, decide on the best routes in real time and send all this information to your smartphone so you can choose the best way of getting around.

Cars, buses, trains, trucks and planes, all alike benefit from this technology, which is based on obtaining a vast amount of data. To give you an idea of the sheer size of this information haul, autonomous cars alone generate 290 exabytes. An exabyte equates to 109 gigabytes, i.e., a 10 followed by nine zeros.

This vast amount of information has freed up countless new options. In railway transport, for example, the right combination of onboard components, trackside signaling items and train-to-ground communications opens up a huge range of possibilities, from traffic management to train diagnosis and passenger information. Examples are as close to hand as Spain’s national network, RENFE, or on the other side of the world in Sydney’s light rail system.

Applications of this technology can now be found on our doorstep. Gijón has already taken up car-sharing services that run on citizen cards with the cars being monitored at all times. This offers a simple, efficient and very safe service.

The future of this technology as applied to public transport could hardly be brighter, paving the way as it does for the efficient takeup of autonomous cars and trucks. The huge amount of data generated will ensure these AI-enabled vehicles work more efficiently. We may well see the day when tailbacks and snarl-ups have become a thing of the past thanks to the Internet of Things.


The merging of IoT and public transport will bring about an unprecedented revolution. We at GMV are getting right behind this technology on the grounds that it helps you all to get about more efficiently. Achieving sustainable, efficient and connected mobility is the overarching aim. Opt in without hesitation!

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