Spanish firms are the most cybersecurity “savvy” in Europe

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In a year marked by the coming into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the NIS Directive and the nonstop growth of world-encompassing cyberattacks, the leading business advisor Grant Thornton has recently published a report claiming that Spain’s firms are the most cybersecurity aware in the European Union. Cybersecurity has now been raised from a mere technological issue to a vital element for all firms, earning top-priority attention in board meetings.

Today’s organizations are faced with new threats that might affect their information systems and their plethora of data. These new threats and risks mean that the list of cybercrimes is becoming ever longer: phishing and theft of confidential information, hijacking of websites, attack on or infection of company services, password theft of bank clients or hospital patients, CEO email, and the list goes on. In this dire scenario firms are now rethinking their strategies in terms of protection, security and technical and professional capacities in order to be able to detect, head off and deal with attacks in time.

CIBERSEGURIDAD_MES_OCTUBRESince 2012 October has been set aside as the month for the various European countries to render homage to cybersecurity: The main aim of the European Cybersecurity Month, organized by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), is to raise citizen awareness of the need to conserve information and advocate a change in the perception of cyberthreats by promoting data- and information-security, education, the sharing of good practices and holding competitions.

Cybersecurity is a sector showing evidence of progress at national level in Spain. According to the abovementioned report, 98% of the Spanish claim to have identified and located their organization’s crucial data (a claim, however, that might best be taken with a pinch of salt). This is the highest percentage of all countries included in the study and far outstrips the global average of 80% and the EU average of 83.4%. France stands out as the country where the percentage of companies identifying the location of their data is much lower at 57%. Nonetheless, although Spain is the country most aware of cybersecurity risks, this is not really so at business level. This same report shows that one third of employees consider that cybersecurity does not directly impinge on them; on the contrary, workers consider it to be the sole responsibility of the technology bosses who are in charge of running it.

The great cybersecurity gap: Talent

Probably one of today’s organizations’ biggest concerns as cyberattacks increase is the dearth of skilled cybersecurity experts. The technology industry is evolving at breakneck speed and, in spite of the obvious educational advances in this field, many graduates are ill-prepared for giving companies immediate security-boosting help. At the same time the demand for cybersecurity skills is soaring, with an estimated 350,000 job vacancies in Spain by 2020, according to Deusto Formación. This boom in the demand for technological skills will continue in the rest of the sectors, above all because many businesses now need to overhaul themselves to bringing themselves into line with the new digital reality.

GMV is continually encouraging cybersecurity awareness among its employees, building up a team capable of creating inhouse products to fill today’s gaps and thus ensure the company remains a worldwide benchmark in this field. GMV is now leading projects that guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and security of information, safeguarding the data of its clients, suppliers and of the company itself.

Author: Eric Polvorosa

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