Brillo in the Internet of Things

platform for the Internet of Things

Google’s interest in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is not new (its range of Android products for cars, watches and televisions is common knowledge). Perhaps for this reason we should not be surprised at the expected launch of a new operating system based on Android whose objective is none other than handling intelligent electronic apparatuses. This new platform for the Internet of Things, to be called “Project Brillo”, will work on low-power devices with less than 64 or 32 MB RAM (compared to the minimum 512 MB RAM memory for smartphones).

But Google is not the only big company which is making noise in this world. Huawei has presented LiteOS, its own platform (for the IoT), noteworthy for the fact that it occupies barely 10 Kb. This system is based on Linux and is open source. In addition, Huawei is in the full development stage of an infrastructure (Agile Network 3.0 Architecture) which aims to become a communications standard between devices.

And what about Microsoft?  We should mention that it is working on its beta version of Windows 10 for the Internet of Things (Windows 10 IoT Core), which currently supports the following boards: Raspberry Pi, Minnowboard Max, Galileo, Windows Remote Arduino and Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino and is already available for download.

Nor should we be surprised by the fact that Samsung has launched the Artik range of products if we bear in mind the fact that it bought the SmartThings company, whose activity focused on the development of solutions for the IoT. Artik is an open platform for the Internet of Things designed for connected devices which involves not only new processors but also development tools, security solutions, encryption, etc. It is compatible with the Arduino ecosystem among others and includes the Temboo software library. Moreover, Artik will be affected by the SmartThings Open Cloud initiative, which encourages the creation of applications for such products.

And talking of real applications…

Although there are still technological aspects pending a global solution (and I’m not referring here to critical issues such as cybersecurity, privacy, etc.), everything points to the fact that in almost all areas of our daily life we will witness endless innovations based on IoT.

For example, as regards the world of home automation, there are certain genuinely curious cases of real practical applications:

  • Networked video-surveillance cameras.
  • Electrodomestic products accessible from smartphones.
  • Doors that open using a smartphone.
  • Intelligent environmental sensors and thermostats

Health and fashion appear to be the parameters applicable to IoT innovation in the fashion world through so-called wearable devices. At this point we should mention the curious initiative of a footwear firm that includes this technology to detect where patients with mobility problems place pressure on their feet when walking.

Smart cities, health, energy, transport or retail are some of the scenarios which will put the technological potential of IoT to the test.

For example, in the agriculture sector there are field sensors which are used to gather data on land, air etc. This is no longer the stuff of science fiction.

In short, it is difficult to find a sector where this type of technology cannot be applied.

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Author: Jesús Mariano Pascual Díaz
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