New passenger-information systems

Passenger information systems

Without today’s passenger information systems you’d probably be missing more than one train. These systems enable us to show real-time data and forecasts of public-transport vehicle movements, to give one example. In today’s society, with people in continual movement, they play a crucial role. Find out how in this blog post.

Where can we find this transport technology?

These systems, which tell passengers about vehicle arrivals and departures, can be broken down into two main groups: external and internal. The external group is made up by such items as airport-, train- and bus-station information panels. These tell you at a glance a whole slew of information ranging from the arrival time to where the vehicle in question is right now. As such they are a vital passenger aid.

Internal systems are fitted inside the vehicles. Their informative function is basically similar, telling us about the inside and outside temperature, your current location, the arrival time at the next stop, plus publicity or important information about any accidents or specific indications.

What are they like?

This transport technology has to vary its format widely to suit the particular need in each case, resorting for this reason to both visual and acoustic information. Visually-impaired people are hence enabled to keep in touch with vehicle movements and make their decisions accordingly, just like sighted people.

The commonest format is the panel, whether simple DOT-LEDs or computer-driven LCD screens. Interactive kiosks allow us to obtain even more data and ask station workers real-time queries. Furthermore, with the irruption of smartphones and various apps, all this information can now pop up on your handheld to make sure you don’t miss out on any important information.

Some examples of information systems are the Municipal Urban Transport Company of Gijón (Empresa Municipal de Transportes Urbanos de Gijón: EMTUSA), offering everything you need to know about the city’s bus service, and the MouTV system of Barcelona’s Municipal Transport Firm (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona: TMB), a multimedia system fitted on the buses to tell passengers all necessary information.

Highly useful technology

Passenger information systems tell you everything you need to know to get round more quickly and efficiently. We at GMV are working away to be able to offer you systems of this type and continually enhance them to oil the wheels of your daily operations. Contact us now!

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