Innovative training environments

Another key aspect the industry has to find a solution for when planning and executing training is flexibility. This means that in a globalized world the organization of training sessions needs to be as flexible as possible so that training can keep up with the requirements of the trainee’s organizations. This implies a shift from the traditional classroom-based training to training that is available at any time and in any place.

Providing industry with a state-of-the-art training solution involves meeting not only all the abovementioned general requirements but also the individual customer’s particular specifications. This is achieved by application of advanced computer simulation solutions, thus enabling us to ensure we can provide our clients with a top-quality, high-fidelity training service.

The MXTM Series Turret Simulation has won GMV a market-leading position and enchanced its reputation of serving up high-quality training solutions to our client WESCAM, Inc., a subsidiary of L3Harris Technologies, Inc. GMV’s simulation products represent a cost-effective alternative to the traditional in-flight training and can be used for individual as well as for team training (i.e. for Crew Resource Management training).

Continuous research into the latest training and simulation approaches using increasingly realistic simulation assets ensures we stay at the top of the industry.

This is why the MXTM Simulation product family is always being continuously upgraded and improved to ensure it always meets and even exceeds the customer’s expectations. The MXTM Simulation’s latest upgrade was to open it up to image generators other than Bohemia’s Virtual Battlespace (VBS).

The recently added support of the VT MAK image-generation tools not only increases simulation flexibility; it also offers a more realistic virtual-training environment due to increased terrain sizes and significantly enhanced object counts within the simulated scenarios. This empowers the end users to create highly customized training scenarios and to train for missions all around the world. The increased amount of simultaneously simulated entities, multi-lane traffic and crowd-simulation results in an uncannily realistic training experience. The native support of simulation standards such as DIS and HLA simplifies the integration in larger training environments as defined by the NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (NMSG) and guarantees maximum compatibility with Integrated Live Simulation Training Centers.

The continuous improvement of both the simulator hardware and software components ensures the highest quality standards are met, resulting in a sophisticated mission simulation. This comprises the incorporation of the latest algorithms such as pseudo-colour IR or Moving Target Indication (MTI) as well as the application of most up-to-date graphic cards in the whole MXTM Simulation product family, providing the best available performance at the time. Ongoing evaluation of new casing materials and hardware components for the Training HCU (Hand Controller Unit) prevents any haptic differences to the original device and therefore avoids any negative training.

training solution

Tactical mission Trainer

The most recent upgrade of the MXTM Simulation is its integration into a complete mission setup with a 2D moving map system such as CarteNav developed by AIMS. This offers a complete training solution by combining the MXTM-SIM with a moving map or mission system product in a single package. The operators can therefore give training on how to operate their very specific MXTM system within a realistic mission system environment. All these efforts to create a training environment as close to the real mission setup as possible increase mission success rates and guarantee the success of our client’s mission.

Author: Markus Czok

Las opiniones vertidas por el autor son enteramente suyas y no siempre representan la opinión de GMV
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