Have you got any real idea what each driver of your truck fleet is up to at the moment?

tracking-3566710_640As the head of a transport fleet it’s very likely that you’ll be keen to be able to control your drivers and trucks remotely. If so, listen up. There is in fact a real possibility of doing just this by means of an eminently efficient fleet management and tracking system. Read on.

Satellite-based fleet management

Road transport companies ideally need to know where all their vehicles are at any one time. Enter the fleet management and tracking system. It allows you to monitor each vehicle permanently, keep track of where it’s heading, any downtime and the performance of the service as a whole.

Benefits of GPS fleet monitoring

This system will keep track of a whole host of details, including:

  • Any vehicle incidents, such as accident alarms, door-openings, freight temperature with alerts …
  • Breaking of the company’s road-traffic rules by drivers.
  • Abuse of rest time. If your vehicle is stopped for longer than is reasonable or turns off on an unforeseen route, the system flags this and allows you to deal with the situation in time.
  • And a particularly appreciated feature: the system enables you to save fuel by pinpointing route inefficiencies, improving planning and driver performance.

Our GPS tracking systems can feed you with real time data (i.e., every 60 seconds or each time an event occurs); they are also protected against unauthorized phone-line use, since only incoming calls are permitted.

Moreover, drivers are warned telematically whenever they enter or leave a given geographical area or break a speed limit.

Safety, one of the biggest boons

Safety is another feature where remote fleet control really comes into its own. No doubt, reading this, you’ll be wondering right now: what sort of safety features can management software of this type input? Well, for example:

  • Finding out each driver’s driving style is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it boosts worker safety. Secondly, it prolongs the vehicle’s useful life. Thirdly, it cuts fuel consumption. Knowing how drivers drive can also help you to pinpoint improvable situations. One advantage of using fleet-management system is the constant input of information on each driver’s driving style.
  • Keeping track of each truck’s state and pre-empting theft. The system, in particular, provides uninterrupted assistance for any incident. Once mastered, the system enables managers to turn the engine on or off in the event of theft or any other need.

According to the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), before going ahead with the implementation of fleet safety technology, there should first be a thoroughgoing risk assessment and analysis to decide on the most suitable technology. Furthermore, each aspect of this should be minutely explained to the whole group.

As you can see, a fleet management and tracking system allows you to cut costs, boost personnel safety and wield complete control over your trucks in real time. Wait no more; call us and set up a fleet management system in your organization now.

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    2 thoughts on “Have you got any real idea what each driver of your truck fleet is up to at the moment?

    1. Erika Brady

      I like how you mention how GPS tracking gives you the chance to learn about the driving style of your driver’s so you can find ways to improve their skills for safety. When choosing software, it would probably be a good idea to consider what information you want from it. You could then go online to check out the different GPS tracking software to learn how it works and the features it has in order to figure out which one would be best for your fleet and workers.

    2. Megan Alder

      It’s interesting to know that satellite-based fleet management not only helps to track where the vehicle or package is, but it also helps to determine any incidents, door openings, etc. My husband and I are thinking of starting a business, and we are going to need a fleet tracking company. We will start looking for a setellte-based fleet management company we can work with.

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