Developing apps without developers?… Ils sont fous ces romains!










Put in a nutshell, this is exactly what is involved in the movement known as “low-code/no-code”.

We are talking here about development platforms that cut down the amount of manually-generated code. This is achieved basically by means of automatic code generation and visual programming systems, among others, and opens up the possibility of each business’s personnel developing their own bespoke apps (at least in theory because the scenario will inevitably pan out a little different in practice).

Although platforms of this type have been with us for some years, pundits are now predicting a soaring growth of this IT market segment in the coming years. And although there are some snags in terms of how to position platforms of this type within the business environment, one of the most promising niches would seem to be the development of mobile apps.

I don’t wish to get bogged down here in the current commercial offer or available market solutions but I do want to point out that there is now a sufficient amount of alternatives both in the on-premise mode and the cloud-service mode. If we zoom in on the low-code strategy now being followed by the sector giants, mention must be made of some initiatives such as App Maker on Google Apps, Microsoft’s PowerApps and Flow or Salesforce’s Lightning App Builder. These have already achieved a healthy takeup and seem to be here to stay.

There is no shadow of a doubt that solutions of this type will cut down the delivery time of new business apps but we should not lose sight of other dodgier factors such as security and shadow IT, which is sometimes rolled out without first being vetted by the department concerned. These are also without doubt downsides that should be increasingly worrying for business organizations.

And a final reflection: the question of how low-code platforms of this type would fit into DevOps environments would seem to pose quite a stiff challenge, wouldn’t you say?

Author: Jesús Mariano Pascual Díaz

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