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Integrated Modular Avionics

GMV is an expert in Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA), ARINC-653 and ASAAC software architectures and avionics data buses (ARINC-429, AFDX, 1553…).As result of our R&D activity in this field we have developed an IMA/ARINC-653 tool-suite including a simulation environment and tools to improve software development in ARINC-653 systems.

GMV has developed a Reference Architecture for critical embedded systems supporting Model Driven Architecture (MDA) and Component Based Software Development (CBSD) paradigms, and providing tools for early verification of the system non-functional requirements based ion Formal Methods.

GMV displays its aeronautics solutions at the World ATM Congress 2015
GMV has taken the chance of its participation in the third World ATM Congress 2015, held from 10 to ...

New subsidiary in the UK
GMV has now formalized the constitution of a new UK subsidiary company to be based in the Harwell Innovation ...