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Automatic Fare Collection System

GMV designs, develops, manufactures and markets automatic fare collection systems with the most modern equipment and the most advanced technology, guaranteeing a seamless adaptation to current and future projects.

It also supplies data management systems for analyzing and controlling services, passengers, fare receipts, comparative graphs, historical files, etc. These are all perfectly compatible with the applications of transport companies.

In a nutshell, GMV offers an entire gamut of wide-ranging and complete products that meet the most demanding needs in terms of quality, reliability, rapidity, user friendliness and design.

GMV's range in this area, fruit of the development and engineering work carried out by its subsidiary Masisconvi, includes:

  • Onboard systems: products used inside the bus (ticket vending machine, ticket processing unit, inspection terminal)
  • Offboard systems: products used outside the bus and/or enabling other applications to operate independently of the bus (ATM, automatic recharging unit, proximity card reader, ticket processing unit, control of presence, recharge terminal)
  • Software: our software enables information of all types to be obtained, such as statistical data or reports for keeping an exhaustive control over all the company's operations.
  • Consumables: complements to our products (flash pass, pass reader, proximity cards, printers, ticket personalization systems).


Automatic Fare Collection Systems

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