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  • PLD

    GMV invests in PLD Space

    GMV has decided to back the project of PLD Space and take a stake in this young space company. GMV will also develop key technology and work jointly with PLD Space in the development of the launchers ARION 1 and ARION 2, boosting the growth of both firms and winning them pole position ...
  • logo ESCAPE

    ESCAPE is born, Europe’s automated driving response

    The future of the autonomous driving is “made-in-Europe”. The European Agency for the global navigation satellite systems (GSA) has kicked-off ESCAPE, a three-year and 5.4 M€ project to exploit the services offered by Galileo, the European satellite navigation system, ...
  • autonomous robotic platforms

    GMV delves into the application of autonomous robotic platforms

    The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded GMV a R&D project that aims to develop an advanced autonomous space system suitable for single or collaborative space robotic missions (orbital and surface rovers) demanding robust operations with adaptable levels of autonomy. This ...
  • S3T

    GMV’s direct administration and coordination at S3T

    In July, under GMV’s direct administration and coordination, the Operations Center (OC) of Spain’s space surveillance and tracking system, known as S3T, formally came into operation.  This marks the start of Spain’s provision of Space ...
  • Galileo initial servives 0

    GMV contributes towards the start of Galileo’s initial services

    Europe’s own satellite navigation system, Galileo, has now come into operation and its satellites are up in space delivering positioning, navigation and timing information to users around the globe. On 15 December the European Commission, owner of the system, formally announced ...

    GMV plays a key role in the British space exploration program

    GMV is contributing towards the development of the Harwell Robotics Advanced Facility (HRAF), the British site of the European Space Agency. The remit of this facility is to support integration, verification and validation of robotics and autonomy and all associated technology, ...

    SKY MUNSTER II joins the roster of operational systems provided by GMV

    On 1 October Sky Muster II, the second communication satellite of the Australian operator NBN Co., was successfully launched onboard a Ariane 5 rocket, thus doubling up with its twin brother Sky Muster I launched last year. This new satellite will now be phased into the operational ...