Research Projects

Among GMV's R&D activities in the transportation sector the following projects are of special prominence:


This project revolves around two concepts. On the one hand, it takes advantage of the data integrity attained by using EGNOS and Galileo as opposed to GPS to implement positioning services that would not otherwise be viable; on the other hand, it provides these and other services through a single user device and a centralized infrastructure. Advantis can be applied to those activities where data integrity is critical in terms of responsibility, whether legal or commercial.


(Active Road Management Assisted by Satellite).

This project aims to demonstrate the viability of an intelligent navigation system, which is based on GNSS (especially EGNOS), GSM and GPRS technologies, for cars. The project's objectives include: improving car navigation security, turning traffic control into an attractive and realistic activity and providing a competitive solution for automatic payment based on satellite positioning systems.


This project proposes an exhaustive classification and study, technical as well as financial, of the regulatory and legal aspects of all types of applications and services based on satellite positioning systems. More specifically it focuses on Galileo within the highway sector.


This project is part of the joint initiative of the European Community and European Space Agency (ESA) to predict, monitor and evaluate natural dangers and man-made disasters. The project's objective is to develop a service that will provide integrated information on the position of ships in specific zones with the purpose of helping EU member states in all the activities related to maritime safety and navigation. The main value of MARISS is the integration of diverse sources of intelligence, SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) and high-resolution optical satellite images, terrestrial radar and AIS for the purpose of identifying ships and therefore obtaining an image of the situation in the area of interest.