GMV is a pioneering company worldwide in developing and implementing intelligent transport systems based on GPS, mobile communications and GIS technology. We offer all-in turnkey solutions ready to run. Our involvement takes in the complete development of the project, from the analysis and design stage to installation and commissioning, incorporating our own in-house hardware and software.

In GMV we provide solutions for all the various means of overland, sea or railway transport.

Our offer in this sector includes the following:

Road Public Transportation

  • Transportation Management Systems
  • Passenger Control System with Automatic Fare Collection System
  • Public Transportation Management Support Systems to Meet Passenger Demand
  • Passenger Information Systems
  • Video surveillance systems

Rail Transportation

  • Rail Transport Management Systems (SAE-R)
  • Optisae

Maritime Transportation

  • AIS / VTS for Maritime Transport and Port Management
  • DGPS coastal networks for Maritime Transport
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • ERS (Electronic Recording and Reporting Systems)

Special fleets management solutions

  • Moviloc
  • Hegeo

Automotive and Mobility

  • Electronic toll systems
  • Parking management systems