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  • GMV is the first firm in South Europe to be named an Imperva Platinum Partner

    GMV, Imperva’s only Southern European Platinum Partner

    The designation Imperva Platinum Partner is the culmination of seven years of collaboration between GMV and Imperva helping customers deploy Cybersecurity solutions that protect their data while also helping to ensure regulatory compliance. "This recognition as an Imperva Platinum ...
  • GMV collaborates with CCI to tackle Industrial Cybersecurity

    GMV collaborates with CCI to tackle Industrial Cybersecurity

    Industry is being hit by just the same threats and vulnerabilities as the IT world. Pundits argue that the best way of protecting any industrial plant’s digital technology is acknowledging the importance of cybersecurity and making a firm commitment to it from the very first ...
  • Javier Zubieta, Cybersecurity Business Development Manager of GMV Secure e-Solutions, takes part in the Integral Security Encounter (Encuentro de la Seguridad Integral: SEG2)

    In-security by default

    Professionals and representatives from government authorities and public organizations came together in the ninth Integral Security Encounter (Encuentro de la Seguridad Integral: SEG2), organized by the trade reviews 'Red Seguridad' and 'Seguritecnia'. GMV’s Javier ...
  • How NotPetya attacks

    How NotPetya attacks

    GMV, a leading cybersecurity firm, confirms that yesterday’s attack on banks, companies and institutions in Ukraine plus some Spanish-based multinationals is a new type of ransomware attack designed to spread in corporate networks. Mariano Benito, CISO of GMV Secure e-Solutions, ...
  • GMV at EAST FCS Forum, the event that brings together the world’s ATM-protection experts

    EAST FCS Forum brings together the world’s ATM-protection experts

    Logical attacks on ATMs are on the increase throughout Europe and in many other parts of the world too. In its 2016 report, EAST (European Association for Secure Transactions) reported that cyberthreats in this sector had hit an all-time high in 2016. Up to now cybercriminals’ ...
  • Juan Antonio Abánades, Head of the Infrastructure Section of GMV Secure e-Solutions at Infosecurity 2017

    GMV in Europe’s cybersecurity shop-window

    Cybersecurity is nowadays considered to be a top-priority matter by the European Commission. Not only does it feature as one of the pillars of the EU’s R&D framework programs but it has also been systematically taken up by community policies and member states. And the truth ...