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  • GMV showcases its Industry 4.0 projects at the Digital Enterprise Show

    Enabling technologies and talent management in Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 digital transformation is the systematic application of ICTs to all production processes across the board. If industry is to keep up with the pace being set by other sectors it needs to go all out for innovation and bring all technologies into line with its needs, boosting ...
  • Nato Conference 0

    GMV at Portugal´s latest NATO Conference

    Cyberspace has no physical borders; cyber threats are now acquiring increasing disruptive and destructive power. In light of these two crucial factors NATO’s strategic vision highlighted the need of setting-up a cooperative cyber defense capability in order to meet current ...
  • GMV delves into cybersecurity intelligence at Barcelona Predictions

    The cybersecurity trend towards intelligence

    Ransomware has been hogging the headlines in recent weeks after the cyberattack that infected thousands of computer systems in dozens of countries. In the wake of this, Barcelona Predictions 2017, organized by IDG Communications Spain and IDC Spain, has stressed the importance ...
  • GMV showcases its range of technological services and solutions at the EUPF Seminar 2017

    In New York GMV displays its technology range to UN agencies

    GMV has taken part in the 14th Annual EU-UN Procurement Seminar, held in New York’s Cervantes Institute, showcasing its range of cybersecurity, software-development, data analytics/big data and telemedicine solutions to various UN and World-Bank agencies. The GMV delegation, ...
  • GMV shares its industrial cybersecurity expertise

    GMV shares its industrial cybersecurity expertise

    Cyberattacks are on the increase and are here to stay. In this scenario Spain is a clear target at the level of companies, institutions and government authorities. For this very reason industry professionals acknowledged at the 360º Industry Security Conference that they are ...
  • GMV and Big Data, allies in the fight against bank fraud

    Big Data, a staunch ally in the fight against bank fraud

    The Digital Transformation of finance systems has by now generated a host of benefits for both institutions and clients and will continue to do so in the future. The downside is that it has also opened up these institutions to the threat of cyberattacks. Indeed, half of the attacks ...