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  • GMV and Big Data, allies in the fight against bank fraud

    Big Data, a staunch ally in the fight against bank fraud

    The Digital Transformation of finance systems has by now generated a host of benefits for both institutions and clients and will continue to do so in the future. The downside is that it has also opened up these institutions to the threat of cyberattacks. Indeed, half of the attacks ...
  • GMV collaborates in the document

    "Benefits of cybersecurity for industrial companies"

    The document entitled "Benefits of cybersecurity for industrial companies" aims to offer an upbeat vision of cybersecurity The Industrial Cybersecurity Center (Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial: CCI) and the Innovation and Technology Trends Institute (Instituto ...
  • GMV explica cómo afrontar las nuevas amenazas en la Era Digital

    How to tackle the new threats in the digital era

    Digitalization is by now an unstoppable force but it is still subject to a tricky and far-reaching change-management process. We are all well aware of the huge benefits for companies now being generated by the digital-transformation technologies. The digital transformation has by ...
  • GMV during the 3rd ESA International Security Symposium

    Big Data and Security: a new challenge for space?

    Julio Vivero, Head of the Consultancy and Infrastructure Section of GMV Secure e-Solutions in Barcelona, has taken part in the 3rd ESA International Security Symposium with a paper describing the concept of Space WARP, stressing Big Data’s potential role in the first European ...
  • As of today checker is protecting over 122,000 ATMs of 40 banks in over 33 countries. It is unquestionably the world’s leading ATM cyberattack protection system.

    Checker ATM Security clocks up 10 years

    About a decade ago GMV was given a stiff challenge: to create software to protect ATMs from the cyberattacks that were just beginning to crop up back then. No market solution at that time offered banks protection from hackers, who found ATMs a sitting duck for their criminal activities. ...
  • Ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation?

    Ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation?

    Ahead of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation, which will be binding in 15 months, companies have many doubts about the coming challenges. How should they prepare themselves? What changes do they need to tackle? Is the new regulation a help or a liability?... To ...
  • GMV one of Spain’s few accredited CERTs at the TF-CSIRT Congress

    GMV at the congress of the world’s main CERTs

    Valencia has hosted the 50th TF-CSIRT Congress, organized by FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams), restricted to the world’s main Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs). This year’s congress brought together representatives of the ...
  • Mariano J. Benito in CSA

    Contribution from Spain and GMV to security in Cloud Computing

    Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure and trustworthy cloud computing environment. Within this remit Spain played a key role in 2016, hosting the yearly European ...