Space Military Applications

Technological advances in recent decades and the commercial use of space technologies in the areas of telecommunications, earth observation and satellite navigation have enabled the development of new commercial applications and the enhancement of the performance of systems that were not traditional users of space resources. The defense industry is not excluded from this development, and it has a growing requirement of space military applications in these areas.

GMV is ideally positioned to provide space military application systems thanks to our 25 years experience in the space industry, tapping the clearly existing synergies between technological developments in the space and the defense industries.

GMV provides engineering and development services in different areas. GMV provides mission analysis systems and services, mission planning, flight dynamics, control centers and data processing for space military missions. GMV has been involved in the Helios II and SpainSat space military missions with Spanish participation by furnishing user segment and processing systems for the former and the mission analysis, satellite control center and flights dynamics system for the latter. Moreover, GMV has been involved in developing the image processing center for the European Union's Satellite Center.

Using GMV's knowledge and significant role in the area of satellite navigation and its key position in major European navigation initiatives and programs, GMV has developed proprietary technology with direct application to the defense area. The most significant of these technologies include:

  • Spectrum use optimization for satellite radio-navigation signals.
  • Integrity and WADGPS signal generation, complementary to basic radio-navigation signals, for enhancing basic critical application system performance.
  • Multifrequency and multistandard receiver processing software (such as GPS + GLONASS + EGNOS).
  • Relative, and cinematic differential processing of satellite radio-navigation signals for enhancing GPS system performance enabling its use in applications such as topography, unprepared runway and mobile platform aircraft approach and landing aid (such as carrier ships), rocket launcher tube and other systems orientation determination, radio aid system calibration, etc.
  • Localization-communication system integration for fleet management optimization.
  • Use of GPS-UTC time basis for synchronization applications in TDMA communication schemes.
  • Full electromagnetic spectrum frequency management tools.