C4ISTAR Command and Control Systems

C4ISTAR command and control information systems are currently essential for providing commanding officers with all the necessary information and processing capacity to reinforce their decision taking and allow them to act in a proper and informed way on the various battlefield elements.

GMV develops and integrates command and control systems for centralized control and monitoring of operations. These systems enable real-time integration of information originating from different (ground, air or sea) units that are present on the battlefield, providing the command center with a more precise vision of the tactical situation.

GMV's activities in this area are oriented to engineering, as well as software development, integration and maintenance. Hardware development and purchase are usually subcontracted to qualified suppliers, even though GMV has the capability to produce hardware internally.

Extensive knowledge of technologies in this type of systems has been gained by participating in different activity areas whose technologies may be tapped in benefit of C4ISTAR systems. These technologies include but are not limited to telecommunications, control systems, multimedia and localization systems and fleet management.

GMV has developed a general command and control system that can then easily be customized to meet the needs of any particular system. It comprises:

  • Mission control, monitoring and planning systems.
  • Communication integrators and managers, both civil and military. In the military field GMV has proven experience in phasing frequency-hopping radio links into its command and control systems.
  • Secure data communication systems on public networks; this can cheapen the cost of developing and setting up C4I systems and integrating them with other international systems.
  • Operator data display, using state-of-the-art ergonomic techniques, generation of synoptic diagrams, graph animation, etc.
  • Geographical information systems (GIS), providing companies with customized inhouse products for developing their command and control systems. GMV also has a wealth of experience in grafting on third party products, both commercial and military.
  • Design of complex data management models and detailed knowledge of the most usual military data models (ATCCIS, MCCIS, ASCA, Adap-3).
  • Command and control systems interoperability tools.

GMV has cast-iron client credentials in this area. It is in particular a benchmark supplier of command and control systems for the Spanish army.