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  • Roberto Galán Martín, Software Architect of GMV Secure e-Solutions, at Open Expo 2017

    How Open Source encourages innovation and boosts company fleet-footedness

    The market and users are becoming increasingly demanding and discerning; content-access channels are diversifying; response times are shrinking and changes need to be brought in deftly and swiftly. The new microservice-oriented architectures, cloud environments and continuous deployment ...
  • GMV supports IE Data Expedition 2017

    GMV supports IE Data Expedition 2017

    For yet another year GMV has supported “IE Data Expedition 2017”, a datathon organized by the Big Data Club of the Spanish Business Institute (Club de Big Data del Instituto de Empresa: IE), not only sponsoring the event but also helping to organize it. For two days the ...
  • GMV showcases its Industry 4.0 projects at the Digital Enterprise Show

    Enabling technologies and talent management in Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 digital transformation is the systematic application of ICTs to all production processes across the board. If industry is to keep up with the pace being set by other sectors it needs to go all out for innovation and bring all technologies into line with its needs, boosting ...
  • GMV delves into cybersecurity intelligence at Barcelona Predictions

    The cybersecurity trend towards intelligence

    Ransomware has been hogging the headlines in recent weeks after the cyberattack that infected thousands of computer systems in dozens of countries. In the wake of this, Barcelona Predictions 2017, organized by IDG Communications Spain and IDC Spain, has stressed the importance ...
  • GMV driving technology and data management at Valladolid Polytechnic University

    Techfest: Driving technology and data management

    Data are an increasingly prized and coveted source of information in the business world. Many researchers are now working flat out to extract information of interest, helping in decision-making procedures and bringing great benefits to companies and institutions. On 2 to 4 May the ...
  • GMV at the Transforming Innovation Policies Conference

    Industry 4.0 and game-changing innovation policies

    In the Transforming Innovation Policies Conference organized by the Innovating Companies Forum (Foro de Empresas Innovadoras), Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón, CEO of GMV Secure e-Solutions, tabled the need for innovation to be dealt with as an affair of state by means of a pact ...