wipode development kit for LBS applications developers

The wipode software development kit (SDK) has been created to support professional developers in the creation of LBS applications that implement indoor location based on wipode.

The wipode SDK is composed of two modules:

  • the wipode Positioning Service which is an Android Service that runs in background mode and provides the indoor position

  • the wipode Positioning Library used to control and monitor that service

With this kind of software architecture, it is easy to integrate wipode in any other third-party Android application with a very low impact on its performance and required resources. The third-party application just needs to include the wipode Positioning Library to get the indoor position.

The standard wipode SDK includes:

  • Run-time libraries to communicate with the wipode location, navigation and augmented reality layers

  • 10 wipode qualified WIFI routers (additional units can be provided if requested)

  • 1 wipode server

  • 1 wipode calibration tool

  • Demo user terminals

  • Manuals

We also provide assistance and training to design, deploy, calibrate and test the wipode network in the target indoor environment.

For further information, please contact us.