wipode System Architecture

The wipode system architecture comprises 4 elements:

  • The wipode WIFI routers

  • The wipode user client, which is installed as an application in compatible Smartphones.

  • The wipode server, which hosts the building information and WIFI network topology, receives user requests, calculates and provides user clients with optimal routes to the desired destinations.

  • The wipode calibration tool, which is used to calibrate the WIFI network. This tool must be run after system installation, every time the WIFI network is modified, and periodically (once a year typically). The calibration tool runs in a tablet and is connected to the wipode server to automatically update the WIFI network data.



The wipode internal processing is organized in three layers:

  • Location layer: Determines the user terminal location within the building.

  • Navigation layer: Calculates optimal routes and provides guidance to the user to reach selected destinations within the building.

  • Augmented reality layer: Provides additional relevant information to the user through the augmented reality interface.