U10T onboard unit

GMV has now transferred to electronic tolling its wealth of experience in satellite navigation and the design and development of onboard equipment. The result is this family of GNSS-based, electronic tolling onboard units (OBUs) (including the U10T and U20T).

GNSS-based electronic tolling systems can make use of two possible architectures for their onboard units: thin client and thick client. In the former case the onboard equipment’s minimal information processing is passed on to a control center where the user-charging information is generated. When the latter type of architecture is used, the onboard equipment has sufficient information-processing capacity to generate the user-charging information itself.

The U10T unit has been designed to be used equally with thin-client and thick-client architecture. The U10T is compliant with European Directive 2004/52/EC (interoperability directive), which establishes a European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) and also lays down guidelines to ensure interoperability of electronic-toll systems throughout Europe. To facilitate control (or enforcement) tasks, the U10T unit includes a DSRC (5.8GHz) module that can also be used as a DSRC tag for electronic tolling purposes, compliant with different European systems and standards (e.g.: ViaT). The U10T device has been designed for use in heavy vehicles (trucks, buses) or light vehicles (like private cars); it can easily be fitted to the windscreen wipers and connected up to the in-vehicle power supply. All necessary information for keeping track of the operational state of the U10T as well as easy configuration data (e.g. the number of vehicle axles) can be displayed on a built-in screen. The device has the capacity for over-the-air (OTA) software upgrading, making it easier for any EETS provider to phase in future system developments. The U10T is a highly reliable device thanks to the incorporation of various GMV-patented algorithms for easy detection of virtual roadside units and payment plazas and also very precise calculation of the distance covered. All this boils down to very precise and trustworthy user charging.

Other design features provide the following:

  • Secure communications and privacy, thanks to the transmission of encrypted-data 
  • Protection from tampering 
  • GNSS receiver with anti-jamming technology
  • Compatibility with automotive requirements (automotive compliant) 
  • Battery to ensure proper working even when the device is disconnected

Download U10T brochure