SISGAP Parking Management

GMV provides a centralized parking management system regulated by means of parking meters, which are monitored remotely in real time by SISGAP.

This system is composed of:

  • Communication System: Functioning between the parking meters and the central server
  • Central Server: Receives information from the parking meters, sends the information to the local and remote operator positions and sends the operation and configuration commands to the parking meters
  • Operator Positions: Enables the monitoring, control and configuration of the entire system
  • Management module for street agents: Allows the agent to have a terminal for querying, which exchanges information with the central server

This system contributes a series of benefits not only for the parking service manager but also for the City council:

  • It displays information on the system components (parking meters, alarms, occupied positions) on a map
  • It shows whether parking spots are occupied or not
  • It shows collection by zones or parking meter
  • It allows statistical data to be queried
  • It allows parking meters to be remotely controlled

It also allows the parking service users to access information in real time to find out whether the parking zone where they desire to park is occupied or not. This is done via SMS mobile messaging or an Internet connection.