GMV's software tool optisae® allows the optimization of resources and planning services in transportation companies.

Using the available resources, GMV's optisae® makes it possible to generate the service chart for a public transport operator, optimizing the use of available resources in order to satisfy the final service commitment.

The optisae® tool offers benefits:

  • It maximizes the resource performance
  • It lowers the costs associated with extra hours, vehicles not in service, etc
  • It allows long term planning quickly and effectively
  • It looks for alternatives to last minute changes
  • It allows simulating different work environments

Additionally, optisae® offers values:

  • Optimal planning and integral resource management
  • Adaptability to the particularities and the dynamics of the client's business
  • Modular architecture with different tools for different problems. Total and transparent integration with the OSS
  • Integration with other corporate tools by means of flexible interfaces