magicPPP Performance

magicPPP algorithms and application SW have been optimized to complete the processing and report generation in a few seconds.

In static mode, PPP positioning accuracy depends on the observation time:

  • For observation times around 1 day, magicPPP usually reach the sub-cm accuracy.
  • For observation times around 2 hours, magicPPP typical accuracy is around 2-3 cm.
  • For observation times between 20 minutes and 1 hour, magicPPP accuracy is usually below 10 cm.


magicPPP Performance in Static Mode

In real-time mode, the horizontal accuracy is usually below 10 cm after 30 minutes of convergence time starting from an unknown position and normally reaches a few cm after full convergence. When the user client is initialized from a known position, magicPPP can deliver full accuracy in a few minutes.

magicPPP Real Time Performance