magicPPP Key Features

GNSS data processing for high precision positioning usually requires the use of complex tools and a deep GNSS knowledge. The spirit of magicPPP is to make it simpler and faster to increase productivity and speed-up the learning curve.

With a few clicks, the user can upload the GNSS data, select the post-processing mode and obtain the precise position or trajectory. Together with the position or trajectory, magicPPP provides a complete report with comprehensive information on input data quality, configuration used, estimation process, and positioning quality.

Managing data has never been so easy, a dynamic map shows all stations and datasets available for the selected date. The user can select the datasets to process by simply clicking on the map. magicPPP offers two preconfigured post-processing modes, static and kinematic. In kinematic mode, the user can select if the user is terrestrial or aerial user in order to apply the most appropriate configuration. The position and trajectory are provided in plain ASCII and also in standard formats for quick visualization.

magicPPP Workspace

magicPPP is a fully multi-constellation solution. It currently supports GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. magicPPP algorithms have been thoroughly validated with real GPS and GLONASS data, as well as with data from GIOVEs, the prototype Galileo satellite, and the initial four IOV satellites. In order to obtain the highest accuracy level, magicPPP processes dual-frequency code and phase measurements.

The PPP technique requires a number of so-called core products that include precise orbit predictions, satellite clock corrections and other corrections for the GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites. Precise orbits accuracy must be in the order of 2-4 centimeters and clock corrections errors must be kept around 0,15 nanoseconds. In order to provide fast response, full autonomy and multiconstellation capabilities, magicPPP employs core products routinely generated using GMV’s state-of-the-art, proprietary magicODTSprecise orbit determination and time synchronization suite. The products are automatically generated processing data from a network of around 100 worldwide distributed stations. Orbit predictions are automatically updated every 15 minutes and clock corrections are updated every second. The PPP corrections are then provided in RTCM streaming format, compatible with standard PPP clients.

magicPPP Kinematic Example

For the post-processing of GPS data, users can optionally select core products from the International GNSS Service (IGS), which are automatically managed by the system.

magicPPP can also process core products based on data coming from user-defined regional networks.