magicPPP is an internet based service that allows GNSS users to determine their position or trajectory with centimeter-level accuracy.

magicPPP implements new generation Precise Point Positioning (PPP) algorithms developed by GMV as a result of 25 years experience in GNSS based precise orbit determination, time synchronization and positioning.

Unlike other traditional techniques for high precision positioning such as RTK, the technique implemented in magicPPP does not require data from Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) in the proximity of the user. It is an ideal solution for precise trajectography over long distances and/or areas out of CORS coverage.

magicPPP offers three different services:

  • Post-processing service: Registered users can upload, store and manage raw data files in the magicGNSS cloud system workspace, and use a number of tools for post-processing and display of results.Commercial receivers that can provide observation data in standard formats like RINEX are supported. Binary formats from most receivers manufacturers are also supported.


  • E-mail service (free): Users can access this free service via e-mail by sending their raw RINEX data files to Please check the directions to use this service.


  • Real-time service: A continuously operating infrastructure of magicPPP servers generates PPP corrections in streaming format. Registered users can retrieve these corrections over the internet or via a satellite communication link in case internet access is not available. GMV is currently developing magicPPP-RT real-time terminals, compatible with most commercial receivers available in the market. Demo terminals are already available. In case you are interested in a demo, please contact us.


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