Transportation Management Systems

GMV is leader in Transit Fleet Management and Passenger Information Systems with our systems installed in over 400 operators in more than 100 cities around the world in countries such as United States, Spain, Malaysia, Poland, Hungary, Mexico.

GMV’s Transportation Management Systems are integral company management systems. They offer across-the-board involvement in the management of all the organization’s business areas, providing real-time information together with subsequent analysis of the obtained data.

Our Intelligent Transportation Management Systems are integral management tools for transportation companies

The core of our systems is a GPS tracking system used in conjunction with data transmission by means of the selected communications system (GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA/TETRA/etc.). The resulting system can keep track on the position of all the resources (vehicles, personnel…) and incidents, using GIS (Geographic Information System) cartography. The fleet tracking and management system is topped up with passenger information systems on panels inside the vehicle, on bus-stops or stations, or on latest generation platforms (internet, mobile telephony or PDA).

The following characteristics make GMV’s fleet management system an unrivalled solution on the ITS market:

  • Multiple fleet systems: Integrated and simultaneous management of multiple heterogeneous fleets. The sharing of resources (communications system, Control Center and human resource management) results in greatly beneficial economies of scale
  • Multiple operator systems: Distributed management tools with different operator profiles
  • Intermodal transport: Connection with all means of public transportation (air, rail, streetcar) not only exchanging useful information for the company, but also offering users overall information on the transport in their area
  • Info-mobility: Passenger information accessible from different media: display panels inside and outside the vehicle, multimedia monitors, Internet, mobile telephony, interactive kiosks, etc.

GMV knows that different companies have different needs. Therefore, we have diversified our product in order to offer always the best possible solution. We offer three different categories:

  • Web-based
  • Simplified Interurban
  • Complete


Different types of TMS

All of our Public Transportation Fleet Management Systems can be completed with our automatic fare collection systems.


GMV’s ITMS for the U.S. market